The help and support we need is not always at hand. Many of us experience stress and traumas of many kinds which can lead to distressing feelings and anxious thoughts.

Many find it helpful to have space to talk about these thoughts and feelings with the help of their local charity counsellors.

At Cedar Tree Counselling we are trusted to provide counselling that is focused around offering confidential support from trained counsellors.

Where can I find charity counsellors near me?

We have a team of charity counsellors at Cedar Tree Counselling who can offer the utmost support and guidance for your specific situation. No matter the size or scale of your issues, our team will work closely with you to help you.

Our team here provide counselling support that touches on key elements, such as:

  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Care
  • Freedom
  • Strength
  • Support

We believe that our counselling is best way to keep individuals moving in the right direction. While we understand that your thoughts and feelings will be negative at present, we have gained and learned the skills at Cedar Tree Counselling to give you advice through your situation.

If you are looking for charity counsellors that can help you, why not speak to our team here today?