Understanding your needs is the first step to creating a peaceful environment for you to explain your feelings. The thoughts that circle in your mind can crop up from the smallest reminder and easily ruin your day.

Our psychotherapy counsellors in Basingstoke have the skills and experience to guide you through an array of situations. At Cedar Tree Counselling we are a trusted as a leading service for individuals in Basingstoke.

What can our psychotherapy counsellors help you with?

We work hard to ensure that we provide an open, friendly and professional environment for everyone that we work with. Our charity counselling services are free to anyone and we just ask for donations to keep our work running across the Basingstoke area.

To help you find a solution to your situation, here are six key areas that we can provide psychotherapy for:

  • Bereavement issues and difficult coping with a loss
  • Relationship problems or concerns about a loved one
  • Loneliness or isolation from society, friends and family
  • Dealing with and coming to terms with change
  • Depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue
  • A need to get something off your chest

Whatever you are facing and no matter the severity, our psychotherapy counsellors in Basingstoke can help you. Get in contact with us to find out more.