It isn’t always easy to ask for help. Whether it’s money, the way we feel or the situation we are in, we may only have one or two people we can trust with that information in the world.

The next step towards progression is to speak to a professional. Our Basingstoke-based counselling service at Cedar Tree Counselling can help to give you the platform to get things off your chest, discover the root cause of your thoughts and feelings and gain a deeper understand of your problems.

Why choose our Basingstoke-based counselling service?

  • Highly trained team of counsellors: We have a team of trained counsellors at Cedar Tree Counselling who can give you the best possible support. They have taken training courses from accredited bodies and will exercise their skills to help you.
  • Ethical and confidential: Everything that we do at Cedar Tree Counselling is designed to be completely professional from start to finish. Confidential counselling in Basingstoke from us will give you the peace of mind to explain your thoughts and feelings.
  • Practicing Christians: Our volunteers are all practicing Christians from across Basingstoke and further afield – helping you through your problems using a range of counselling methods.

Our Basingstoke-based counselling could be the starting place to a brighter future.

If you would like to understand more about the work we can provide at Cedar Tree Counselling, get in contact with us today.